Tuesday, March 31, 2009

gOing to jALan-jALan

eLLow ebribody!!!

This time I went to and fro which is called...ermmmm.... rahsia

nO la.. its a very interesting for those who like to n fro n find out the solace moment ever..

Every part of life will full of lovely full memoirs..

Ha..it seems like me..
Whicever I can get caught with a delightful moment, I will not let it go!!So, I went to one of the famous Lake which I never been there before.I've found out the interesting view yet with full of "something" people there..

STraNge Huh??!!!

yAHH..Its really strange yet i won't care coz they also tried to find out the cheerfull moment.Over there, I caught a picture with ma housemate to reminiscing afterwards..It was interesting memories that I will never forget..Thus, people simply said memories will fade once it turns to the new one.

Is it??

Huh, very passive opinion to share with others.Little knowledge do pepole have may posses others..I don't want to nag here..Summore, I Love all ma frenz whicever state they come.

Frenz are always bring happiness to me.There... I bring them to see a very nice view..Hahaha!

Keep in ToucH!!!

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