Sunday, January 31, 2010

BeauTiful lasTing

Heyyaahh~~~Am get rest again from updating my blog.. let we move to the story. My close frenz (who they think they are) alwayz asking me wat product that u use to apply on ur face? My answer is so simple n quite tacky " If u do have money to spend, no worries to idle for buying any cosmetics product that u want"... exuberant aite?

All these while, we have been flooded with numerous facial n cosmetics product. Do u think it gives u the best application on ur skin? it might be damn upheavel sumtimes if the choosen is wrong.. u glance by one side rather to put ur thought wisely... ermm very irritating~~huhuhu

Let me share sumting. I used to get pimple during my secondary time but it was last until my college time. I had used so many product from low-end to middle-end class. Did these worth for me? some perhaps... Once i changed, it was coming back to grew up the blemishes since my oily skin will not end forever., Zitsssss hate it!!!

Nowadays, i use BML product which covers complete set from cleanser to complexion cream. I use it since 2008 and never bogged to it. I never think to quit by getting other product to be applied as daily skincare. That my base for skin care.

Whereas, it is amid to be brighter and glowing and i suceed to notch it up. Bona fide from my confession...hahaha~~ Do i need to tell everything? yeah i will juz because i dun want to get it halfway n must to grab to the hilt!

Now, as a makeup base, i rather use Maybelline Aqua Gel Foundation whereby it is so cheaper and lighter than other product perhaps. It comes with various shade n no glump whenever u apply it. For those oily skin like me is greatly suit to ur skin. This water base foundation is very handy yet gives u brighter look.

Am a boy doesn't mean to get stuck from using this product. Does anyone annoy? hahaha.. do i care???? let people say coz i tend to be dumb..ahakz...pretending lol~~~~juz bouncing.

seee yahhh~~~