Friday, July 10, 2009


So long get rest from writing this blog.. a moment keep frailing me to do so but i'm trying to sooth a lil bit confusion before.. There is something amuse me where i keep thinking whether i am the right person to be chosen among the six people who will be going to the Australia this month.

It's almost a month since i am joining DHL Asia Pacific Shared Service Centre that located in Menara Axis, Petaling Jaya. During the interview, I have been given the responsibility to take care Australian Region tantamountly with my previous company that i was working (Honeywell). That such a blurry edge to my head, but it is totally sign of auspicious through my effort that i am assaulting at the moment.

The moment i am writing is almost a month i am joining DHL. Here i acquire a lot of knowledge exploration and at the mean time, country-culture-shock. I am trying to be acquaintance with it. I am admitting myself that i am in the midst to be 'good' in absorbing all the knowledge and training that have been given to me. The most unbelievable as yet where it put in the gratitude 'version' which i have been finalizing chosen to be part of the WORKSHADOWER TEAM to be in Australia. Suppose to be, im in the SYDNEY team that will be shadowing the task there. But only two of us will be located in MELBOURNE to shadow the task. I am feel glad to myself and i am concerned that another 6 seniors unable to be selected as a part of my team. (its okay mate, you guys will get a chance there okay!).

Apart from that, the time line should be one month and had been cut off to 2 weeks only. I will depart on 1st or 2nd of August 2009. The rest (SYDNEY TEAM) will depart on 25th July 2009. Eventhough it is a short job trip, it will give me a priceless moment. As i know, I have to be strong enough as i will encounter some problem with the BLUE COLLAR guys there which i will 'steal' out their job. They will lose their job once I am returning to Malaysia. So, to avert this matter, physical and mental readiness should be claimed as the most expressive and impressive to get adapt with the unexpected situation.

Am i ready?? I can't tell it coz its hard to be the most youngest staff who get the chance ever. But, I won't miss it as this is my opportunity to develop my skills, potentiality, prestige, and career as well. But, i am not only shadowing the task, it will be a massive and hard time for me to document all the task which we call it as P&P. Then, i have to guide the guys who left in Malaysia initially about the task before we are going to Live ==> Stabilization within two months period. It could be frantic to be in line with this project.

Mastery all the task and the system as well as the process map is very tangible important. I will bring back something unfamiliarize and vulnerable somehow. So, i have been given a trustworthiness and i will come out with my potentiality to those who need to see and view it. I need the recognition and i am very sure, everybody needs it. None of us will left it out either.

Guys, pray for my success and i am sure you will be a great model too if enthusiasm comes with the endeavor.. Trust no others but yourself!!

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